Our specialties
When you've got product that needs to get to the marketplace, we've got you covered. Isom Logistics, LLC and Isom Refrigeration, LLC specializes in temperature-controlled loads, and dedicated lanes - operating both a carrier company and a freight brokerage to best serve our customers, who rely on us.

Forging great relationships

We understand that on-time delivery is expected from our customers. We appreciate that not only ours, but your reputation is on the road with us when you entrust us with the delivery of your product. We do everything we can to make sure neither is compro- mised along the way, by providing the best service we can, through on-time delivery and updates along the way. When the unforeseeable occurs, we maintain an open line of communication and follow-through so that your load is delivered, as promised. This ethos is what sets us apart and is the cornerstone by which our business relationships stand. 


ing man who was, by all accounts, loved and respected by everyone who knew him. His character, work ethic, and faith continues to be the inspiration and standard we hold ourselves to, and are grounded by.

we hold ourselves to

a high  standard.
Our founder, Warren Duncan started Isom Logistics,  LLC and Isom Refrigeration, LLC on the strength of faith and family. Our company was named for Isom Kendrick, Warren's grandfather - an honest, hardwork-
Shippers have choices.

With all of the technology available in today's world, we understand that shippers are not limited to a few local carriers to get their product to the marketplace. We keep that in mind everyday, as we handle our customers' freight. When you choose Isom Logistics, LLC and Isom Refrigeration, LLC to move your freight, we know that we've been chosen from among thousands of brokers and carriers. We respect that choice, and the trust that comes with it. In short, we care about your product as if it were our own.


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